Essays on illiteracy in pakistan

Essay about illiteracy in pakistan

It is one of the most important factors that act as a counterweight to social and economic mobility imposed by cultural and historical biases. Illiteracy itself is hurdle in understanding techniques for advancement and progress.

His intellectual growth depends on many outside factors and cannot attain maturity without long and deliberate efforts on his part and on the part of his well-wishers.

Illiteracy in Pakistan - Causes, Impacts and Solutions - English Essay

The quality of education provided is not up to the mark, which can be gauged from the fact that not a single Pakistani university is ranked among the top universities of the world. Educated people commit organized crime with latest techniques which illiterate do not violent attitude Essays on illiteracy in pakistan more in illiterate than the literate persons.

The committee has initiated consultative meetings to develop a curriculum reflecting the latest trends in individual subjects as well as equipping the education of the country with the requirement of today and tomorrow.

The Government of Pakistan has taken several policy and program initiatives to achieve these international goals since then.

Literacy in Pakistan

Physical training, arts and crafts, library sessions and after-school team sports have also been made compulsory. Moreover transport facilities are not personal which is a hindrance is social change. Public spending on education as a percentage of GDP is 2.

Illiteracy is brake on human development, and maps of illiteracy — poverty, underdevelopment, social discrimination and disease are always co-incident. Life without literacy is life without hope, security and freedom. They are given certain faculties, which develop, to their maximum level with their physical growth without much conscious efforts on their part or on the part of their parents.

Another very important factor in illiteracy is that the people of rural areas have not been in contact with big urban settlements.

Inevitably, in fact, education enables one to lead a better life physically, mentally and spiritually. In the past year, new primary schools were established, in the public sector and in the private sector.

The responsibility of expanding the primary and middle schools for girls has been devolved to District Governments under the devolution plan. Education is the most important instrument in enhancing human capabilities, and in achieving the desired objectives of economic development.

Illiteracy is a social problem because such people are irrational in attitudes and in emotions they commit such acts which are violation to the rules and laws of the society. Unless the causes and factors of poverty will be settled the poverty will never end.

At the country level, education means strong economic growth due to productive and skilled labor force. The existing level of literacy. This work can be done by Other educated young men of the rural area on voluntary basis. The instinct of self-preservation is implanted by nature.

Education enables individuals to make informed choices, broaden their horizons and opportunities and to have a voice in public decision-making. Higher Education Commission Pakistan is ranked amongst the lowest in the world in higher education enrollment rates at 2.

Statistics show that gender disparity has been declining sincehowever the recent decline is only marginal from 26 percent in to 25 percent in Essay on english in india zebra cpe essay topics cpas properly writing essay beginners what is travelling essay questions answers.

The difference between literacy and education is clear; In common understanding the educated people are those who have received formal education in educational institutions. However, they may be discussed under the following heads: For Women, literacy is a survival kit and symbol of status.

Poverty in Pakistan

Poverty in Pakistan Poverty is one of the major social problem Pakistan is facing. It is one of the most important and sensitive issue not only for our self but for the whole world.5/5(1). Pakistan (the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is the sovereign country located in South Asia.

Literacy in Pakistan

Its population exceeds million people; that is why it is considered to be the sixth country in. Illiteracy is brake on human development, and maps of illiteracy – poverty, underdevelopment, social discrimination and disease are always co-incident. It is a challenge to human dignity and imposes a second-class status on a person in all societies.

Illiteracy has been defined as reading a paragraph of a language with understanding according to the census of Pakistan The literacy rate is about 45% and the rest of the people 55% are illiterate according to census of Pakistan.

The Problem of Illiteracy - According to “The National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL), it has been recently estimated that 14 percent of adults in the United States have a. LITERACY IN PAKISTAN Pakistan's Senate on Wednesday was informed that national literacy rate is 54 percent out of which percent male and percent female are literate.

Essays on illiteracy in pakistan
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Essay about illiteracy in pakistan