Termite lab essay example

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In your own words, give a brief description of the main idea. According to the results, on Table 1 and its graphical representation Figure 2, it appears termites spent a total of more time on the thick line than the thin line, as well as on average.

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Termite Lab Report

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Termite Lab Report The purpose of this experiment was to determine which color of pen the termite would follow best.

Conclusion (Purpose of Experiment) 1. Got two pieces of white printer, one petri dish, and "Ink" pens in red, blue, and black. 2. Traced three circles on the printer paper using one. 8/29 Wednesday- Quiz and prelab Termite Lab. 8/30 Thursday- Termite Lab.

8/31 Friday- Inquiry Review-No School Monday, late start Tuesday! Essay Pages Thursday 3/ REVIEW RNAi. Friday 3/RNA and Protein Synthesis Quiz use this lab as your example. 6.

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Termite lab essay example
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